Six Tips for Home Security While You’re on Vacation

You’re planning the perfect getaway. Maybe you will be lounging on the beach, or you’re going to explore an exotic city. Perhaps your destination is 300 miles away or 3,000. Whatever your plans, don’t forget an important part of vacation prep: home security.

Use the following tips for home security to keep your property safe and secure while you enjoy your time away:

  • Choose the right security system: Before you leave your home vacant for days or weeks, consider installing a quality security system. With this in place, you can rest assured that your home is properly protected while you’re away. You can even choose a smart system, which will allow you to take your home security on vacation. From any mobile device, you can check on your property 24/7 from virtually anywhere.
  • Use a programmable thermostat: You don’t need to heat or cool your home while you are away; however, you also don’t want your home’s interior to experience extreme temperatures. The perfect solution is to install a programmable thermostat. This device will keep your interior at a stable temperature, so you don’t experience burst pipes or other damage, and you’ll avoid wasting money on utility bills.
  • Keep things private: Sure, you want to announce to the world on social media that you’re finally taking that dream vacation—but are you sure you really want to tell all the potential thieves out there exactly when your home will be vacant for a week? Wait until you are home from vacation to post photos, and keep any email auto-responses vague.
  • Light up the night: Outdoor lights can make a huge impact on the security of your home. Burglars are more likely to choose dark areas for break-ins, so lighting your property is a good theft deterrent. Consider installing lights that illuminate your entrances, garage, yard and walkways. These can be placed on a timer, or you can choose motion-detectors to trigger the lights.
  • Get rid of the hide-a-key: Do you have a spare key stashed under your doormat or in the landscaping? Before you leave, remove this key from its hiding spot. Leaving the key in place is an invitation for thieves. If you are concerned that someone will need to access your home while you are away, consider installing a smart lock. This will allow you to grant access only when needed.
  • Unplug everything: If there are any non-essential appliances and electronics plugged into the wall, unplug them before you leave. This will help prevent damage from electrical surges, prevent electrical fires and save money on your utility bill (for standby power usage).

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