Security Camera Company

Security Camera Company in Dalton, GA

The days of CCTV are over. Today, surveillance and security technologies are better than ever, which means better solutions for monitoring your premises and facilities. Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. is the security camera company in Dalton, GA to call when you want to explore a security system upgrade that’s smart, connected and encompassing. Our security camera installation and design will create a system that leaves no gaps in your surveillance and gives you the connected insights you need for peace of mind at all times.

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Security Camera Networking

Whether you need a couple cameras or dozens installed throughout your property and in your facilities, our expertise includes the ability to network them all together for a unified approach to security. It starts by choosing the right security camera installation for your premises, which can include indoor or outdoor models, with features like motion sensing, night vision or infrared sight.

With the right cameras selected, we maximize their deployment on your Dalton, GA property. This includes overlaps to eliminate any gaps between cameras and positions that create a cohesive picture when tracking movement or disturbances. When you look at your camera network, you’ll see a complete picture of facilities, no matter what angle you’re examining them from.

Cloud-Enabled Security Solutions

Today’s modern security cameras come with a wide range of IP-enabled features. Whether it’s backing up to the business cloud or allowing remote login to monitor them in real-time, we’ll get you set up with the features you need for peace of mind. Our cloud-enabled solutions are trusted by businesses big and small to paint a complete picture of safety, security and information. Expect a visual system of record that responds as you need it to.

Protect Your Premises

Whether inside or outside, no matter the size of your property or the complexities of your facilities, our security camera company can design and deploy a security camera system that accounts for your complete security camera installation needs. Contact us today at 706-529-4448 to discuss your security concerns, voice and data cabling, alarm monitoring, and more.