Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair in Dalton, GA

Every modern convenience in your business is connected to a power system. When they’re not working as they should be or you need your electrical infrastructure serviced or expanded, turn to Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. today. We’re the authority on low-voltage electrical systems and repairs in Dalton, GA and throughout the surrounding areas.

From security cameras and access control to telecom systems and sound systems, our familiarity with electrical systems is second to none. We’re equipped to troubleshoot, provide repairs, install and integrate systems, and more. We keep your vital electrical systems functioning as-intended.

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Electrical Troubleshooting and Repair

Electrical troubles will persist until they’re resolved and can affect any system they power in adverse ways. If you’re dealing with a security or access control system that’s constantly interrupted by a short circuit or power failures due to lack of a redundant power supply, call us for electrical repair. We’ll quickly assess the problem and resolve it.

Low-Voltage Electrical Systems Service

Our expertise is primarily in low-voltage electrical high- and low-voltage and systems powered by it. We can install low-voltage wiring where needed and troubleshoot any issues that may have to do with your wiring and electrical interruptions or failures. We have experience working in facilities big and small in Dalton, GA.

High Voltage Contractors

We have our high voltage contractor’s license and are equipped to deal with issues that may be rooted in High Voltage VAC systems. We’re familiar with safety regulations and high voltage equipment, and we operate with a safety-first mentality to ensure your systems are serviced without issue.

We Keep the Power On

Your facilities rely on numerous electronic components and electrical subsystems to function. When it comes time to repair, expand or upgrade these systems, choose Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. Our knowledge of low-voltage electrical architectures and our familiarity with a full scope of facilities systems makes us the leading authority on electrical repairs. Contact us today at 706-529-4448 to schedule electrical repair, phone booster installations, outdoor sound system installations, and more.