Why Is My Cell Phone Reception Spotty in Certain Areas?

It’s happened to all of us: You’re using the phone either for a call or data, and, at a certain location, it slows way down or just doesn’t connect. That’s because you’re not getting good cell reception in that area.

There are several reasons why you may not be getting good cell reception, and here are a few reasons why your cell phone reception may be spotty in certain areas.

The signal is blocked

Cell phone signals are invisible, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be blocked by physical objects. To get the best cell signal, you should have a clear line of sight to a cell tower. If there are objects in the way, such as mountains, buildings or even dense clouds and rain, your cell phone reception may be spotty.

If you’re in a building with thick, concrete walls, your cell reception may suffer even more. You may even get good reception in one part of a building but not the other, which may be due to the physical construction of the building. You may find that by stepping outside or locating yourself in a different part of the building, you may get better cell reception.

You’re far from a cell phone tower

Not only do cell phones require a good line of sight to a cell tower for a strong signal, but they also need to be close enough to send and receive that signal without too much signal loss due to distance. It’s a fact that cell signals lose strength over distance, and if there isn’t a cell tower within the appropriate distance, you may have poor signal or no signal at all.

There are ways to check for the nearest cell tower. You can perform an internet search to find websites that record this data. There are also apps available for download that can provide this type of information.

The battery is low

Another reason you may get spotty reception is that your battery is low. If this happens to you, try taking steps to conserve your battery to help improve reception. You may want to lower the brightness on your screen, turn on battery saving mode or try connecting to wi-fi instead of using a cellular network, if possible. The latter will not only save your battery life, but it will help improve reception as well.

You’re blocking the antenna

Finally, if you’re blocking the antenna with your hand or a rugged case, your cell signal may be affected. Since modern cell phones have the antenna located inside the phone, you may be inadvertently blocking it with your hands, especially if you hold it sideways or with two hands. An especially thick, rugged case may also affect cell reception.

How to improve cell reception

If you find yourself with spotty cell reception in a certain area and there is no solution like relocating available to you, you can still try to improve cell reception with a cell phone booster. A cell phone booster (also called a cell phone repeater) amplifies the cell signal in a certain area to help keep you connected. If you need a cell phone booster installed in your building, contact Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. today.