The Top Eight Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Due to high prices and hiccups like false alarms, many homeowners have been wary about installing a security system. But today’s systems are affordable and more advanced than ever, so installation should be a no-brainer! This post will cover a few of the reasons to hire a team for security system management in Dalton, GA:

  • Protect valuables: One of the top perks of security system installation homeowners think of is to protect their valuables. While jewelry and TVs can be replaced, cherished family heirlooms cannot. A security system helps prevent those items from getting stolen by burglars.
  • Deter crimes: It might sound too good to be true, but working with a security system management company can prevent break-ins and other crimes from happening in the first place. If a would-be burglar sees a sign out front advertising the home’s security system, they’re much less likely to attempt a crime.
  • Allow remote home access: Smart home security system management in Dalton, GA means much more than just monitoring for break-ins. Thanks to advanced technology, you can adjust thermostats, unlock doors and turn off lights all from your phone. The system’s cameras are also wi-fi enabled, allowing you to see what’s happening at your home remotely.
  • Lower homeowner’s insurance: There is a monthly fee to install a security system; however, you can save up to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance by installing one. Every insurance company is different, so be sure to let them know once you’ve had your system installed.
  • Reduce energy bills: In addition to lowering your homeowner’s insurance payments, you can also save a few bucks on your energy bills. If you forgot to turn off the lights or lower the thermostat before you left the house, no problem! Easily make those adjustments with the click of a button on your phone.
  • Notify you of problems: Your security camera company in 30721 will be monitoring your home 24/7, so the system can also send you an alert if something’s gone wrong at your home. Whether it’s a fire, gas leak or break-in, you’ll get a phone call right away letting you know that there’s an issue.
  • Keep an eye on the kids: Thankfully, you may never have to deal with a break-in, fire or any other home emergency. What you might have to worry about, though, is what your kids are up to while you’re at work. Thanks to wi-fi-enabled security cameras, you can always know what’s up at home while you’re not there. Smart locks on doors can also let you unlock them from anywhere, so the kids won’t have to carry a key around everywhere they go.

All security system companies aren’t created equal!

It’s important to understand that not every security camera company in 30721 is the same. Should you choose to work with a less-than-reputable company, you could be putting your family in danger or overpaying for services. Give Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. a call today to see why we’re the best in the business when it comes to security alarm systems.