Seven Benefits of Installing a Security System

From keeping employees and customers safe to preventing break-ins, security should always be on a business owner’s mind. Besides hiring a few security guards to monitor the premises, installing commercial security systems in Dalton, GA is the best way to keep your business safe.

Continue reading to learn a few of the top reasons to invest in a security system today.

Discourage suspicious activity

According to the FBI, the number of robberies that occur in the U.S. is actually declining by about 4 percent each year. While this is good news, it doesn’t mean there aren’t bad guys out there who might try to break in. An easy way to discourage them is to install a security system and post signs that the building is being monitored.

Monitor employees

Overnight break-ins aren’t the only way a business can get robbed. Untrustworthy employees have a much easier time stealing a few bucks from the cash register or lifting items directly off the shelves. The best way to deter that behavior or catch the person in the act is with a security camera.

Improve productivity

Workers might not try to steal while they’re on the clock, but their productivity might drop if a supervisor isn’t around to monitor them. After installing commercial security systems in Dalton, GA, you can count on all employees to be on their best behavior because they know they’re being watched by the security cameras.

Reduce liability

It can be all too easy for an unscrupulous employee or customer to claim false allegations against a business. For example, they can say they slipped and broke a bone while on the property. This could result in a major lawsuit! A security camera can provide evidence to help the business get out of any potential lawsuit.

Enhance customer experience

A commercial security system company in 30721 can be invaluable in helping to improve your customers’ experience. After trained analysts review the security footage, they can develop plans to promote a positive shopping experience. This could include everything from hiring more employees to assist customers or rearranging the store to make shopping easier.

Remote monitoring

Today’s advanced security systems are connected to the internet, allowing business owners to check security footage in real-time, even when they’re away from the office. This provides peace of mind for owners who’d like to be more hands-on with security but don’t have the time to always be on-site.

No breaks or vacations

Every employee deserves breaks and some well-deserved PTO, particularly hardworking security guards. The problem is that when guards get some time off, your business is vulnerable. Security systems run 24/7 without the need for bathroom breaks or any vacation, so you’re always covered.

Hire our team to install your system

Since it’s not a DIY job, you’ll need to hire a commercial security system company in 30721 to install your system. Be sure to choose Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. In addition to installation, we offer 24/7 monitoring to give you peace of mind day or night. Contact us today to get started with the installation process.