Protect Your Home During the Holidays With a Security System

Do I need a security system during holidays? Besides just putting up a bunch of decorations for the holidays and gathering with friends and family, you will also have to remember to protect your home. If you plan on leaving for the holidays, there are several things you can do to ensure your home is fully protected.

Ways to Keep Home Protected During the Holidays

How does home security keep my house safe while on vacation? A security system is just one option you can consider using to protect your home while you are away. It can easily deter burglars from entering your home. Home security systems will notify law enforcement if someone were to break into your home while away.

Some other ways to keep your home safe while on vacation for the holidays include:

Don’t Broadcast Your Plans on Social Media

If you and your family plan on leaving town for the holidays, avoid posting these things on social media. Don’t post when you will be gone and when you will be arriving back home. This is pertinent information to would-be burglars since they know all the information they need. It doesn’t matter if you have strict privacy settings on your social media accounts. This information should never be posted.

Let Your Neighbors Know

If you are planning on traveling for the holidays, let one of your neighbors know whom you trust. It wouldn’t be too much to ask your neighbors if they could possibly keep an eye out for your home. By doing so, they can contact you or law enforcement if they notice anything suspicious.

Keep Gifts Hidden

If a burglar were to break into your home, where are some places you can hide gifts that they wouldn’t think to look? Avoid keeping your wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree while you are gone. If you do, make sure your tree is not in plain view near any windows in your home.

Don’t forget about packages that haven’t been delivered yet. If you are expecting any packages while you are gone, try to reschedule the deliveries or re-route them to a different address. If these are not available options, consider having them dropped off in a package locker, installing a doorbell camera, or maybe purchasing a drop box to put by your front door.

Leave Christmas Lights Off

If your Christmas lights are set on a timer, don’t forget to disable them before you leave. Christmas lights are a huge fire hazard. Before you put any lights up, you should ensure that there are no cracked lamps or damaged cords. You can also try installing a smart outlet so you can easily turn your lights on yourself from your phone.

Having a home security system while on vacation is essential. Consider the tips mentioned above to ensure that your home remains protected while you and your family are away. If you need professional installation for your security system, please contact Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. today.