How To Maintain Your Home Security System

The home security system that you use to feel safe will not do a lot of good for you if you aren’t able to actively use it in your home. That may seem obvious to some people, but it is worth mentioning again because you need to maintain it properly. 

How To Maintain Security Systems

The average security system customer doesn’t give a lot of thought to their system after it is installed. As long as the system appears functional when the installer walks away from it, they generally assume it is good to go. However, there is some security system up keep that these customers should know about. 

Test the Control Panel

One of the first steps that we recommend at Carpet Capital Multi-System Inc. is for people to test the control panel of their security system. We think this is a great idea simply because it will give them some baseline from which they can see if the system itself is having issues. Honestly, if the control panel is not working, then there are probably some deeper ingrained problems that we need to look at. 

Check All Exterior Lights

Go around and do a visual inspection of all of the exterior lights that you have on your property. You need to see if they are functioning as they are supposed to for you. If they are not, you can and should address the issue as soon as possible. Exterior lights are supposed to help keep your home safe by coming on when they detect motion near the house. If the lights are not reacting to the motion, then a call to the technician is in order. 

Look at the Cameras for Any Issues

Did you know that your security cameras should be inspected on a regular basis as well? Perhaps you did know this and have simply been avoiding doing so because of the trouble that goes into making these changes. If that is the case, just know that you are leaving yourself vulnerable to someone breaking into your home unseen. You should try to get your cameras to work again to the best of your ability because there is a lot that goes into protecting your home, and making sure the cameras are working is a big part of that. 

Get an Annual Inspection

You can pay the security company to come by and perform an annual inspection on your equipment. You will have to pay them a fee associated with this, but it is well worth the money if you can rest a little easier knowing that your security equipment has been tested by the best. Regular system checks ensure you never lie awake at night worried that something terrible is just about to happen in your home. The peace of mind alone makes this expense well worth it.