Stay Safe: Four Smoke Alarm Facts You Need to Know

To stay safe, there are certain things to know about smoke alarms. These basic facts and procedures will ensure proper use of these devices, for optimal performance and top safety measures. Here are the top four things you need to know.

Not all alarms are equal

There are many types of smoke alarms. One of the main differences is automation. Some smoke alarms are manual, while others are automatic. To sound a manual alarm, you must pull the lever. With automatic alarms, the alarm automatically starts if it detects heat or smoke in the area.

There are also smoke alarms that can detect carbon monoxide as well as smoke. If you’re wondering, “Do I need a smoke alarm for my business?” you may also consider whether you need a carbon monoxide detector incorporated with the alarm.

Another difference among alarms is the type of alert system. When the alarm sounds, some provide voice alerts, while others feature a loud noise. Some models also offer flashing lights to accompany the alarm.

Consider what features you need for your setting to provide the best safety measures possible for that environment. If you’re not sure which alarm would be best for your needs, consult with a fire alarm systems specialist for expert input.

Maintenance is essential

To keep your surroundings safe, you must do more than install a smoke alarm. These devices must be maintained. Always keep smoke alarms free of dust and debris. You must also inspect and test the alarms regularly. Once each month, test each alarm for proper operation. If an alarm is not working, replace the batteries or have a professional perform further testing. Be sure to keep a record of this process for your own reference and insurance/compliance purposes.

Batteries are required

Remember, one of the most important things to know about smoke alarms is that they typically run on batteries. You should replace the batteries at least once per year. Consider scheduling this task at the start of the calendar year or fiscal year, so you remember it each time. Keep the right type of batteries on hand so you always have them to replace old ones. This simple step is crucial to ensure your devices are always ready to sound the alarm if a fire occurs.

Interconnectivity is best

One of the things to know about smoke alarms that many people don’t realize is the option to connect multiple alarms. This is the best way to set up your system. When all of the alarms are interconnected, if one goes off, all of the other alarms sound as well. This helps keep building occupants safe because it alerts the entire property. If the system is not set up this way, an alarm may sound in an empty room or portion of the facility where no one sees or hears it, and the fire could spread before anyone is alerted to the danger.

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