Four Reasons to Install a Video Surveillance System in the Summer

When summer arrives, you’re probably thinking about vacations, days at the beach and other warm-weather fun. When it comes to installations, the ones you’re probably thinking about are pools and air conditioners. While these may be a top priority for the season, there is another installation you should consider. Summer is the ideal time for security system management in Dalton, GA. Here’s why.

The kids are out of school

When school is not in session, your kids spend a lot more time at home. If you’re like most parents, it can be hard to keep an eye on children when they’re roaming free all summer. How much screen time are they getting? Who are they letting into the house when you’re not home? It can be helpful to have an extra pair of eyes to keep watch on the kids as well as any babysitters or nannies you hire. Partner with a security camera company in 30721 to install a system that can help keep your kids safe and in line during the summer.

The neighbor kids are out of school, too

Even if you don’t have children at home, your neighbors probably do. Do you have any items that might entice trespassing, such as a pool or a swing set? A video surveillance system can deter neighborhood kids from hopping the fence or strolling through your yard. The system can help reduce risk of personal injury on your property and protect your items from damage due to wandering children and teens.

Contractors are on your property

Summer is the season for landscaping and ongoing lawn maintenance. It’s also a popular time for home improvements. It’s likely you will have professionals working on your property, from lawn mowing, to painting, to gutter cleaning and more. While they’re there, wouldn’t it be nice to know they’re doing what you’re paying them to do? A video surveillance system makes this possible. You can reduce the risk of poor workmanship as well as prevent theft or vandalism by shady workers.

You’re on vacation

Are you planning a getaway for the summer? Enjoy peace of mind while you’re on vacation by installing a video surveillance system. You’ll know who’s coming and going and what’s going on at home, no matter where you are in the world. Simply access your system remotely to keep an eye on things at your property. Check on package deliveries, lawn care and even look in on your pets while you’re away.

Get peace of mind today

For expert security system management in Dalton, GA, partner with the professionals at Carpet Capital Multi-System, Inc. We offer full engineering and design services to create custom security systems. Features can include fire alarms, access control panels, data and voice cabling, analog and IP security cameras, wi-fi access points and more. 24-hour monitoring is available for security systems and fire alarms. Get peace of mind this summer with a customized system to protect your property. Call us today at 706-529-4448 to arrange a consultation.